About Us

Our History

Started in Pasadena, back in Pasadena

Kian Magana grew up in Pasadena, and always knew he wanted to open an office here when the time came.

After graduating from Cornell University in 2010, and UC Davis King Hall School of Law in 2014, Kian Magana joined a boutique criminal defense firm in Los Angeles.  For nearly four years, Kian Magana defended criminals from all walks of life and in all kinds of cases, from traffic tickets all the way up to murders.  A number of the cases he worked on then had media attention, and involved celebrities.

From there, Kian Magana went on to practice high stakes civil and probate litigation in a reputable Century City litigation firm where he was involved in disputes of upwards of $100,000,000

Wanting to get back to criminal practice, Kian Magana then joined the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office as a criminal prosecutor.  Kian Magana spent over two years prosecuting crimes for the City of Los Angeles.  During that time he learned how to evaluate a case from a prosecutor’s perspective, and the many ways a case can fall apart under the right circumstances.

In January of 2024, Kian Magana decided to take all that experience and open The Magana Firm, to help those accused of crimes.

Why Choose Us

Kian Magana’s experience on both sides of the criminal aisle gives The Magana Firm the know-how to help you in your case.  Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges, The Magana Firm will fight for your rights at every stage of the proceedings and work for the best outcome available.  


Kian Magana’s extensive trial and courtroom experience likewise makes him the right choice for your civil litigation needs.  Call today!