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Sometimes a defense needs an opposing perspective to be its strongest — at The Magana Firm we have that perspective

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About The Firm

Based in Pasadena, The Magana Firm is a full service law firm focusing on Criminal Defense throughout Southern California.  Its principal, Kian “KR” Magana, is a former prosecutor, and has practiced extensively in Criminal Defense, Criminal Prosecution, Business Litigation, and Probate Litigation. 

With dozens of trials under his belt, Kian Magana is prepared to represent clients through every step of a Criminal case.

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Practice Areas

The Magana Firm focuses on Criminal Defense and protecting the rights of the accused.  We are also capable and ready to represent litigants in any matter requiring a jury trial.


Criminal Defense

From initial law enforcement contact to trial, The Magana Firm is ready to aid in any Criminal Defense.


DUI Defense

If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of Driving Under the Influence, it’s important to hire a lawyer who understands the science behind DUI prosecution — Kian Magana has the knowledge and experience to evaluate your DUI from a scientific perspective.


Domestic Violence

A Domestic Violence conviction carries severe collateral consequences, so it’s important to hire a lawyer who has experience defending against them.  From cross-examining witnesses, to finding out what really happened, Kian  Magana has that experience.


Drug Crimes

If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime, whether Possession with Intent to Distribute, or some bogus Simple Possession charge, it’s important to hire a lawyer who knows how these cases are built, and how they collapse. The Magana Firm is here to help.


Assault Charges

Assault Charges, like all crimes of violence, can carry serious penalties, including years in state prison.  The Magana Firm can fight these charges for you, and work to keep you or a loved one out of prison.


Murder and Manslaughter

Kian Magana has handled numerous murder charges and manslaughter charges, and understands how serious they can be.  It’s important to hire the right lawyer when facing the most serious crimes under the law.  Call The Magana Firm to discuss your options in a murder or manslaughter charge today.

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Why Choose Us

It’s important to choose a lawyer who has the experience to defend your case aggressively and intelligently.  With a wide variety of criminal case experience, and dozens of trials Kian Magana of The Magana Firm is the right lawyer to defend your criminal case.

Each case under the law is fact-specific.  There is no”one-size fits all” solution to any criminal or civil case.  That being said, an aggressive and intelligent defense takes a holistic view of the facts, and applies the law to those facts, specifically.


Based on the unique facts, your case may be right for a trial — in other cases, a negotiated settlement might be right.

Occasionally law enforcement overstep the bounds of their authority.  They might conduct an illegal stop or an illegal search.  They may fail to disclose exculpatory information.  In some cases, they may even use unreasonable force against a suspect.

If the police have violated your rights, Kian Magana will work with you to explore your options — The Magana Firm may be able to have the Court throw out improper evidence (sometimes called “the fruit of the poisonous tree”).  In some cases, a lawsuit against the offending agency may be appropriate.  Either way, The Magana Firm is here to help.

If the police want to talk to you about a potential crime, remember — you are NOT required to speak with them!  Instead, consider telling them you will have your lawyer contact them. Then call The Magana Firm to discuss your case!


Kian "KR" Magana
Kian Magana The Law Office of KR Magana